Ghana Slum Sanitation

Photographed for WaterAid UK, this series portrays the sanitation problems faced by urban slum dwellers in Ghana.

Few houses have private toilets, forcing residents to either use a public toilet or, too often, find the nearest open ground, drain, or waste dump. Many houses that once had private toilets have lost them to flooding or erosion.

The series was shot in four locations:

Tamale - capital of Ghana's Northern Region and its fourth largest city

Old Fadama - located in Accra, Ghana's capital, this is a famous and well established slum settlement

Nima - another well known slum settlement in Accra, Nima faces new problems caused by government works

Kwasi-Bu - a little known area in disadvantaged suburban Accra with typical problems


Client: WaterAid UK



Old Fadama, Accra


Nima, Accra


Kwasie-Bu, Accra


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